Jardine and Young Limited opened its doors for business on November 18, 1933, in the grip of the Great Depression. Norman F. Jardine and his staff of two launched Canadian Underwriter magazine on January 1, 1934 and – for 80 years – Canadian Underwriter has been known as ‘the Voice of Insurance in Canada’.

In his inaugural editorial Norm Jardine wrote,

“To those that have given us advertising contracts and paid subscriptions, we extend our sincere thanks. We appreciate your confidence in us and can assure you that, if determination means anything, we shall prove ourselves worthy of it.”

The founders of Canadian Underwriter certainly proved their worthiness and 80 years later, the staff of Canadian Underwriter are very proud and determined to uphold the legacy of quality and service that Norm Jardine and his team provided to the Insurance industry.

All of us at Canadian Underwriter would like to thank you, our readers, friends and advertisers, for your business, support and encouragement.

Canadian Underwriter is excited to continue moving forward as Canada’s leading insurance and risk magazine – both in print and online.

The CU 80 Years Project

To acknowledge this 80th anniversary milestone, the Canadian Underwriter team dove into the archives and agreed that it would be exciting to share some of the magazine’s content from each of its 80 years covering the industry. Thus the CU80Years.com project was born.

In creating the site – the staff looked through the bound copies for each year from 1935 to 2007 and had pages of interest scanned – including Covers, Articles and Advertisements. Unfortunately, there are a few years missing from the archives –  including the first year of publication, 1934 – but the vast majority of the magazine’s history is represented.

For the years 2008 to 2014, the full digital editions of each issue has been embedded and can be expanded for full-screen reading.

Getting The Industry Involved

The content at CU80Years.com is shareable online –  specifically, each individual image is easily shareable via the major social media channels using the share widgets on the site.

Because the magazine’s history is the industry’s history, we will be adding a new ‘Reader Submitted’ section to each year of the archive to each year from 1935 to 2007. On the left side of the site there is a ‘Submit Your Photos’ tab. Please click this link and consider uploading your own historical industry photos to the site to help create a further sense of industry community and add context and depth to the content for each year.

We hope that you enjoy this ‘virtual time machine’ created by Canadian Underwriter for the Canadian property and casualty insurance industry– and that you find looking back at the history of our industry as fascinating and enlightening as we do.

CU80Years.com will continue to be updated and enhanced long after the anniversary year has ended. Please check back often.


The Canadian Underwriter magazine – Insurance Media Group Team